Microsoft Dynamics GP | Unapply a historical AR payment or credit memo

Once an accounts receivable transaction has been moved to history, you can no longer unapply a payment or credit memo through the Apply sales documents window. There is a tool in the Professional Service Tools Library, RM Transaction Unapply that will allow you to undo documents in the history table and automatically move the records back to the open table.

Follow the steps below:

Open Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL) and mark the option for RM Transaction Unapply as seen in the screenshot below:

Click Next to open the Receivables Transaction Unapply window.

Enter the Customer ID that you will be Unapplying the transaction for.

All the customer transactions will be listed. Find the transaction that you wish to undo and click the Applied checkbox to unmark it.

The following message will appear:

Report Only – will print a report, showing what will be unapplied if the process has run.
Unapply – this will unapply the transactions from the selected document.
(NOTE: We recommend you select Report Only first to review the transactions that will be unapplied)
Once you have confirmed the transaction click on the Undo button, then select a Print Destination for the report.
The Unapplied Documents Report will print showing what has been unapplied.

Click OK to close the window, once you are done.
Once the transaction has been unapplied you will find them as OPEN and no longer in HISTORY.
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