Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Packages: You Can Choose 1 of 3

The average supermarket stocks 150 kinds of breakfast cereal on its shelves. Why?

Because in our consumer-driven society, a premium is placed on choice. There may be some detractors, but for the most part, we like having choices. We like having the ability to choose. It means we’re in charge. That’s the psychology behind the choice.

In the ERP software world, one of the uncertainties that clients face is the cost and timing of a new implementation. But that doesn’t have to be the case. At Bond Consulting Services (BCS), we want our clients to have the power to choose. That’s why we offer 3 Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central implementation packages, each with a fixed scope and a fixed price.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Packages

Business Central Base: 2-Day Implementation

Our Base Implementation Package is perfect for organizations that are interested in handling the lion’s share of the implementation on their own and have previous experience with configuring financial solutions. Learn More

Business Central Standard: 2-Week Implementation

Perfect for organizations with an experienced Controller who has implemented financial systems in the past and only needs minimal assistance and training. Learn More

Business Central Preferred: 6-Week Implementation

Our Preferred Package builds upon the Standard Implementation Package and is perfect for organizations with an experienced bookkeeper or CFO/Controller who requires core financial processing. Learn More 

How Do You Decide Which Package Is Right for You?

BCS makes that easy, too, by offering a free assessment. Here’s what that looks like:

Business Central: Free 2-Hour Assessment

An evaluation of your business needs to determine how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you manage your finances, increase sales, and streamline your operations.

This free 2-hour assessment consists of an interactive discussion to gain insight of your organization to ensure business success for today and tomorrow.

  • Identify current pains, needs, and requirements
  • Review internal business processes
  • Define the objectives of your organization

Deliverable: Deliver a recommendation for optimized use of Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials

Getting Started

That’s easy, too. You can go online and sign up to schedule a free assessment. In fact, you can do that right now if you choose to. Or you can reach out to us.

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