Dynamics GP | SmartList Support by Lupe Haro

We received a support request from one of our clients stating that a specific user was unable to open their SmartList. They stated that the user was able to use SmartList normally and now it would not open. Upon clicking on the icon or going to Microsoft Dynamics GP > SmartList nothing would occur. This client had local installations, so we asked them to try to log in as a different user and see if it worked. When they logged in as a different user, SmartList worked with no issues. The only difference we noticed was that the SmartList icon was in all caps which is uncommon. After rebooting the workstation the error persisted for the specific user.



Upon further research, we found that SmartList in GP2013 has a known issue. To resolve this issue we had to log in to SQL Server Management Studio and review the table SY01402 where the syDefaultType = ‘96’.

Select * from SY01402 where syDefaultType = ’96’


While checking this table we found that all users had a combination of a TRUE statement and an array of numbers, but for the user having the issue she had a FALSE statement and an array of numbers. In order to correct this number we updated the syDefaultType field to another user’s number that we knew their SmartList was functioning correctly.

Update SY01402 set SYUSERDFSTR = ‘TRUE~506~792~1~1~177~’ where USERID = ‘XXXX’ and syDefaultType = ’96’


With this correction the user was able to launch SmartList with no other issues.


Lupe Haro is a seasoned Dynamics GP consultant at Bond Consulting Services. Need support for your GP environment? Contact Lupe at support@BondConsultingServices.com