Executive Leadership Talks TV White Space with Congressman Lowenthal

On March 29th the executive leadership at Bond Consulting Services met with Congressman Lowenthal to discuss broadband expansion, digital transformation, and the talent gap in the United States.

Broadband expansion refers to the attempt to expand American’s access to affordable high-speed internet, through TV white space, across the United States. TV white space is capable of delivering fast, affordable, and reliable broadband access to millions of Americans.  Digital transformation calls for universal connectivity and broadband expansion will be a tremendous leap forward for rural Americans.

The dawning age of digital transformation is pushing organizations and governments to rely on the availability of remote-access technologies and workers. Access to the internet via TV white space will expand the circle of inclusion to all Americans, exponentially increasing what they have access to and in turn, what they can contribute.

Bond Consulting Services is committed to furthering Microsoft’s vision of improving broadband connectivity to roughly 34 million Americans. To continue our commitment, BCS is dedicating time and resources to meet with the appropriate elected officials to advocate for policy action.


Pictured above (left to right): Bob Bond, Founder and President of Bond Consulting Services; Rep. Alan Lowenthal, US Congressman; David Gersten, VP of Sales and Marketing at Bond Consulting Services and Voices for Innovation Task Force Member