GPUG Amplify Session Recap | Why Engaging with Microsoft & Other Microsoft Partners Now Makes More Sense Than Ever

Monday, March 19, 2018 – Bond Consulting Services’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Gersten, is at GPUG Amplify, presenting two sessions at the Partner Exchange. GPUG Amplify is a conference for Microsoft Dynamics GP leaders and users to network and exchange knowledge on how to maximize Dynamics GP performance to achieve business success. The Partner Exchange is a Microsoft Partner-only event preceding the User Group conference, that provides executive product insight, best practices, and functional topics around Dynamics GP.

In his first session, titled “Why Engaging with Microsoft & Other Microsoft Partners Now Makes More Sense Than Ever,” Gersten explains the many reasons why partnering with Microsoft is business-critical. He maintains that businesses existing as isolated “islands,” are missing out on the synergy created by partnering with both Microsoft and other MS partners.

“It was such a pleasure sharing with other Dynamics Partners about the tools and strategies that make BCS successful.  I recognized during the discussion that many partners have the will to engage Microsoft and other Partners to help grow and build their practices, but just don’t always know the way.  I am always glad to help.” – David Gersten

Microsoft helps you build your practice around Dynamics GP by offering add-on solutions that set Dynamics GP apart from other siloed ERP systems. Dynamics GP integrates with Power BI, Power Apps, Azure, Office365, Flow/Bookings, and Dynamics 365…just to name a few. In addition to the solutions businesses can integrate with Dynamics GP, Microsoft also offers partners numerous programs to guarantee success. Partner Incentives, Azure Everywhere, Cloud Sure Step, Cloud Mentor, Dynamics Learning Portal, and One Commercial Partner represent just a few of these programs.

Gersten encourages businesses to engage with the following organizations to jump-start your partnering success:


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