Create Static Marketing Lists in Dynamics 365

A Static marketing list is a stand-alone marketing list that has to be managed manually.

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select the arrow to the right of the displayed module
  2. Select Marketing and click on Marketing Lists
  3. Click on the New button at the top left
  4. Enter a Name for your Marketing List
  5. Choose the Targeted At. Select either Contact or Account based on the List you are trying to create. Please note that this cannot be changed once the record is saved. Meaning, if you choose to target accounts, you will only be able to add members of the same type
  6. Select Static in Type. Note this cannot be changed once the record is saved
  7. Save

  1. Click Manage Members at the top of the window

  1. Choose an option to add members to the list
    1. Selecting Lookup lets you add members one by one
    2. Choosing Advanced Find lets you add members based on specific criteria

Adding Members to an existing Static Marketing List

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select Sales and go to a list of Contacts, Leads, or Accounts. Note that you can only add the record type associated with the marketing list
  2. Check the box next to the record(s) you would like added
  3. Click Add to Marketing List

  1. Choose the Marketing List you would like to add to