December Updates | Finance and Operations, Business edition

Microsoft announces the latest updates to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition, including personalization of the workspace, improvements of global dimensions and assembly management.

Personalize your workspace

You can now change the User Interface for individual users to achieve a better fit to each user’s tasks and preferences—thereby increasing productivity and user satisfaction. You can customize by moving, hiding, or showing specific fields or columns on a page, by freezing columns to keep them visible as you scroll horizontally, and by moving or hiding cues or parts. All personalization can be cleared from a page easily to get a fresh start.

Change Global Dimensions Improvements

It is now easier to make changes to your Global Dimensions as your reporting and analysis needs change. In the background changes to Global Dimensions now run as a set of smaller transactions rather than as one huge transaction that would typically run overnight and roll back in case there are any errors.

You can make changes to your Global Dimensions in the Suite Experience by going to Setup & Extensions, choosing Manual Setup, then Finance, and then General Ledger, and finally clicking Change Global Dimensions in the ribbon.


Assembly Management

You can now use Assembly Management features for warehouse processes, making it simpler to manage your inventory. Assembly Management is useful when you have business processes that turn products and resources into new finished products.

Go to the Replenishment header any Item Card in the Suite Experience to set up Assembly Management for that item. You can set up the Bill of Materials for an item using the button in the ribbon on the Item Card.


Source: Dynamics Community