News | Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Released December 1

Dynamics GP 2018 is released!

Moving forward, new versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP will now be released annually in December with plans to incorporate features requested by GP users and partners. Currently Microsoft’s focus is improving on the existing features, per user and partner requests. In fact, over half of the new features included in GP 2018 came from user suggestions. To share your suggestions, head to  This will be more and more important as future releases are planned. If there’s something you think Dynamics GP should do, but doesn’t, send in your suggestions!

As for Dynamics GP 2018, get ready to see improvements in the following areas:

  • Optimize Financials/HRP with more features
  • Comprehensive Doc Attach
  • Power “Suite” Evolution
  • User Experience-everything and anything a user wants to make their job easier
  • Workflow 3.0

Microsoft doesn’t recommend upgrading your system until the first service pack has been released. Additionally, if you have add-on products or ISVs, you’ll need to make sure they’re compatible with the new release before you upgrade.

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