November Updates | Finance and Operations, Business edition

Microsoft announces the latest updates to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition, including Cost Accounting, Prepayments, Accountant Hub and more!

Cost Accounting

Using Cost Accounting will help in gaining a better understanding of the cost of doing business – analyzing what types of costs are incurred, where costs occur, and who bears the costs. Allocate actual and budgeted costs to operations, departments, products, or projects to analyze the profitability of each entity within your company.

Cost Accounting can be set up under “Setup & Extensions”. Once set up, the module is available in the Accountant Role Center or by using search.


Prepayments can give you peace of mind by letting you invoice and collect deposits required from customers, or remit deposits to vendors, so you can be sure that all payments are posted against an invoice.

You can define prepayment requirements for a customer or vendor for all items, or only selected items.

Dynamics 365 Accountant Hub

Accountant Hub is available in public preview. With this update the Accountant Hub for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business edition is available in public preview. The Accountant Hub enables Accountants to easily access their clients’ data, effectively manage accounting processes and tasks, and to enhance financial insights.

Alternative Order Address

Purchase Orders not support Alternative Order Addresses, meaning that purchasers can now choose from four different address options when placing a purchase order. The default option is to automatically fill the ship-to fields with the company address or customer address in case of sell-to-customer orders. Choosing location address lets the purchaser choose from a list of company locations. The Customer Address option automatically fills the fields with the customer address for drop shipments. Finally, the purchaser can choose a custom address for one-off shipments.

Microsoft Flow

Flows can now be managed from different environments within Dynamics 365. On the ‘Manage Flows’ page you will now find a list of environments from Microsoft Flow that you have access to. Once a selection is made it will be remembered until a new environment is chosen. Users can also define which Microsoft Flow environment they want to display and manage within Dynamics 365, providing flexibility to work with different environments (for example a test and a production environment).

User Tasks

The Accountant Hub now supports User Tasks, so accountants have an overview of all assigned tasks from all companies – including visual indications for overdue tasks. The company details page now shows cues for pending tasks and allows you to drill back to those tasks from the page.