New LinkedIn Connector Solution | Customer Engagement

A new solution, initially available for version 8.2 of Dynamics 365 (online), allows users to run LinkedIn lead generation ad campaigns, and then sync resulting leads with Dynamics 365 for Sales. It will be updated for version 9.0 soon after the initial release. The new solution will be available on AppSource and is called Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

The solution includes:

Support for multiple LinkedIn member accounts. Set up your Dynamics 365 (online) organization to access and bring in leads from campaigns run by multiple employees using different LinkedIn member profiles.

Customizable lead-matching strategies. Customize lead-matching strategies to define which fields the system uses to find matches with Dynamics 365 (online) leads. For example, you can match on someone’s email address, last name, company name, or another field. When there’s a match, the data from the person’s LinkedIn profile is included in corresponding fields on the lead form.

Ability to analyze lead performance across sources. Track and analyze the performance of leads captured on LinkedIn and compare them against other sources.

To use the LinkedIn Connector with Dynamics 365 (online), you’ll need access to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager as part of your LinkedIn subscription. You’ll also need to use LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms to run native ads.

To learn more about how to sync LinkedIn leads by using Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms click here.