October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Designed by the US Department of Homeland Security, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual campaign to raise awareness around the importance of cybersecurity and take steps to stay safe online.

Safeguarding your business is critical to proactive cybercrime prevention. Lost or stolen mobile devices can result in lost company files and data. Malicious hackers or malware can disrupt business and steal critical data. And systems can go down unexpectedly, or because of a disaster. Microsoft and BCS help you keep your data protected, control access to information, and restore your systems with technologies built with your security in mind.

Microsoft builds resiliency and recovery capabilities into its products and technologies, from server software to the cloud, to PCs and devices so you can be confident your business can get back up and running, even if disaster strikes at the main office.

Here are 8 tips to safeguard your business with Microsoft:

  1.  Protect mobile devices | Use features built in to Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 to lock devices, reset a user’s PIN, and remotely delete information from a lost or stolen device.
  2. Customize security | Choose the level of security and privacy you need. You can customize security by user, by device and by location in Office 365.
  3. Control access to your business apps | Get to important applications and information wherever you are. Sensitive data is kept on Windows Server 2016 where it is secured and backed up.
  4. Simplify managing mobile devices | Take advantage of a single platform and easy-to-use tools to proactively manage desktops and devices using Windows 10 Pro, Office 365, and Microsoft intune.
  5. Get automatic, always-on protection | Get robust spam and virus protection with continuous updates in Office 365. Guard PCs and devices with built-in device security in Windows 10 Pro.
  6. Continuously back up your latest files | Using OneDrive for business and Microsoft Azure, you always have access to your business-critical information. And Windows Server 2016 automatically saves your files to a second data-center.
  7. Get back to business quickly | You get disaster recovery technology included in Windows Server 2016 and with Azure Site Recovery in the cloud.
  8. Count on the reliability of the cloud | Get right back to work when you rely on financially backed 99.9% uptime service guarantee from Microsoft online services like Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

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