Core Drivers: The Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Leading digital change requires leaders to have a vision of how to transform their company for a digital world. Digital transformation is not just a trendy buzz word; it is a fundamental business process that everyone needs to adapt and adjust to – now.

For most businesses, the first focus will be the customer. Effectively, to generate new sources of revenue, companies need to reimagine the customer experience along their value chain. As they reinvent how to connect and engage with customers in new ways, an organization will also need to transform how it empowers employees. Empowered employees will help drive optimized operations and processes and lead companies to transform products and services.

Microsoft has identified these four pillars as the core drivers on the roadmap to digital transformation:

Engaging Customers – Build natural, tailored experiences by harnessing data representing a complete view of your customer. Then, draw actionable insights that can deliver personalization at scale and achieve a segment of one.

Empowering Employees – Empower people to achieve more by designing a workplace where every working style can thrive; one that harnesses digital intelligence to improve experiences and enables the flexibility of mobility, while keeping your organization, people, and information secure.

Optimizing Operations – Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes that anticipate the future and coordinate people and assets more efficiently.

Transforming Products – Differentiate and capture emerging revenue opportunities by harnessing data as a strategic asset. Shift from hindsight to foresight, automate manual processes, deliver personalization to customers and innovate new business models services, products, and experiences.

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