Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. QuickBooks

Are you outgrowing your traditional accounting software? For small businesses, traditional accounting software like, QuickBooks, can slow you down in a variety of ways. QuickBooks is a great, entry-level accounting solution, however, as your business grows, QuickBooks will most likely be unable to grow with you. QuickBooks has limited scalability and requires manual processes, resulting in downtime and obstacles for your business instead of paving the way for success. Microsoft Dynamics GP is capable of handling extremely large data sets with millions of records and hundreds of thousands of transactions being processed at the same time by multiple users.

Dynamics GP is a complete mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that can be hosted on the cloud or on your own, on-premises server. Trusted by over 50 thousand companies, Dynamics GP is secure and scalable, combining years of innovation and the agility needed to compete in today’s market. Microsoft Dynamics GP is valuable because it allows you to see patterns and predict trends in real time.

People who use Microsoft Dynamics GP work within a role center that is personalized to fit how they like to do their job. Rather than combing through endless data, they see views that are filtered to the context of the tasks that they are working on. This reduces the number of steps it takes to perform daily business processes. Dynamics GP provides hundreds of predefined built-in reports that help you make decisions faster, increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the office.  Ultimately, Microsoft Dynamics GP is quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition.


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