Microsoft and BCS are part of the Solution Against Cybercrime

“Microsoft is a game-changer in terms of the fight against cybercrime” – Noboru Nakatani, Executive Director of the Interpol Global Complex

Bond Consulting Service’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Gersten, attended an exclusive visit on campus at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, as part of the Voices for Innovation Advisory Task Force, to discuss cyber-security, digital privacy, and outdated laws with other Microsoft partners and Microsoft Senior Executives. Voices for Innovation supports and advocates for public policies that promote choice, innovation, and economic development for businesses and the greater technology industry.

The unprecedented scale and sophistication of modern cyberthreats, combined with the rapidly disappearing IT perimeter, means that while preventing an attack from becoming a breach is ideal, it is no longer realistic. Microsoft proactively monitors the threat landscape for those emerging threats, to help better protect their customers. This involves observing the activities of targeted activity groups across billions of machines, which are often the first ones to introduce new exploits and techniques that are later used by other attackers.

The biggest challenge for businesses today is protecting customer trust. Cybercrime involves government and businesses being hacked, emails being compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. Microsoft created the Digital Crimes Unit to investigate and fight cybercrime. They use the Microsoft cloud to visualize information so they can track down criminals. Analysis that previously took days to run, now is seen in real time thanks to Microsoft’s Advanced Analytic tools. Microsoft is building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. When it comes to the Cloud, trust and security are paramount. Microsoft is passionate about making life harder for cybercriminals and making it safer for businesses and their customers.

President and Chief Legal Officer for Microsoft Corporation, Brad Smith, quoted: “People will not use technology they do not trust. And they will not use technology they do not understand. Our ability to innovate therefore depends on maintaining a greater level of transparency.”

VP of Sales and Marketing, David Gersten, at the Microsoft Envisioning Center in Redmond, Washington.