One Sale; Two Invoices in Dynamics GP

Recently, a customer of ours asked how they can invoice two customers that were splitting the cost for one piece of equipment. Since selling ½ of this product/ equipment was out of the question, we had to think of another approach. After doing a little bit of brainstorming, we came up with the following:

1. Invoice the entity that will be holding title to the equipment for the full amount
2. Back out the balance to be paid by the second entity through the Terms Discount Taken field


3. Create a new invoice for the second entity, but use a Non-Inventory item (this item happens to have a period at the end)

In concept, this should work as both customers would be receiving invoices for their respective balances due. The only issue we can foresee is that the formatting for the standard Dynamics GP invoice comes with the summarized amounts for the sale and not the amount due. This may require some modifications to be made within Report Writer to show the correct On Account balance for the first customer invoiced.


Please check back on our blog series where we walk you through this process.

George Rios Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant George Rios is a Microsoft Dynamics® GP Certified Professional and senior consultant at Bond Consulting Services. He has over 13 years of work experience with accounting and accounting systems.