Support Computer Science Education

Show your support for computer science!

Despite the groundswell of support for computer science education, most of America’s schools still don’t offer a single course in the subject. Although computer science is foundational to every 21st-century field of study and leads to the best-paying jobs, most students won’t get a chance at these jobs because computer science is not taught in their school.

This is a problem we can only solve with your help.

Soon Congress will decide whether to support the growing movement for K-12 computer science in your state and local schools. Congress is considering a bipartisan funding proposal to expand K-12 computer science (without growing the Federal budget), to give every student the opportunity to learn.

This week, America’s top CEOs, state governors, and education leaders have joined forces to ask Congress to support this idea. They want you help. Polls show that 90% of Americans agree on this, but your representatives must hear it from you.

See the amazing list of leaders supporting this issue, and add your name too.