Bond Consulting Services Top 10 Highlights of 2015

This year has been fantastic for so many reasons. We accomplished a lot and had many proud and successful moments in 2015. As we approach the end of the year, we’d like to take this time to share 10 key highlights. We hope you enjoy a short trip down memory lane of 2015 top highlights for Bond Consulting Services.

1. Supporting hundreds of business professionals with Microsoft Dynamics solutions

Receiving positive feedback in return from our happy customers.

2. Incredible growth with business development and teamwork

We celebrated a little with a fun day of go kart racing!

3. Winning two major IAMCP awards

We announced winning IAMCP Worldwide Partner 2015 and IAMCP P2P Partner 2015 in a press release.

4. Impactful engagement with Microsoft partners at IAMCP and lots of great partnering


5. Establishing a wonderful relationship with the great team at our local Microsoft Store

And the exciting opportunities with local chambers of commerce, and the SBA to teach local small business owners about CRM and business technology.

6. Enhancing our relationships with ISVs and doubling our webinars

Horizons Quality Essentials

7. Our Dynamics GP guru, Mike Zapp representing our team as a member of the Association of Dynamics Professionals


8. Attending numerous Microsoft events

And meeting hundreds of Microsoft partners and industry experts, plus David Gersten’s special trip to Washington, DC to advocate for the LEADS Act.
David Gersten Veronica Place IAMCP

9. Expanding our brand awareness

With a podcast, numerous articles, panel discussion opportunities and major online visibility via social media with increased Twitter and LinkedIn followers and YouTube subscribers.

10. Working with the best intern ever – Ricky Contreras

We blogged about our awesome experience with Ricky Contreras, the best intern ever.

We look forward to a great 2016! Happy New Year!