Top 5 Reasons to Use SmartView by eOne Solutions

At Bond Consulting Services, we only recommend solutions that we think provide great value to our customers’ business. With that in mind, one of the solutions we’d like to introduce you to is SmartView by eOne – the team behind SmartList Builder, Extender, and more. SmartView makes working with SmartList the easiest things your users will do.

Top 5 Reasons to Use SmartView

1. You use SmartList all day, every day. – SmartView provides you with the ability to see your lists in fractions of a second.

2. You need an easy way for your users to work with the data. – You can now add and remove the columns that you want to see on your list, drag and drop your column headers to rearrange your column order and group and subgroup, see your totals to screen, export or copy and paste to Excel in seconds and much more.

3. You need more filters! – Don’t just stop at 4 filters, SmartView allows you to add as many filters as you need to your SmartList.

4. You currently use SmartList Builder. – If you have created the lists you need, pulling the data from the places you need it – then view it in SmartView. SmartList Builder and SmartView are complementary products that work best together.

5. You have users in GP for the sole purpose of seeing a SmartList. – Cut out the expensive user licenses and give those users access to SmartView through the desktop application.

If you’d like to learn more about SmartView, please join our November 17 webinar here.

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