The Best Intern Ever

This summer, we were privileged to have Ricky Contreras as a Sales & Marketing intern at the BCS office. For nearly two months, the high school senior assisted the Sales and Marketing teams with important daily tasks and significant business events. In a short amount of time, we were able to make an impact on Ricky, which he describes in his blog article below. Without a doubt, Ricky made an even bigger impact on us. We had an amazing summer intern experience with a gifted young man with a promising future. In his own words, Ricky shared his experience working as an intern at BCS.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I heard that Bond Consulting Services took me in as their summer intern. I just knew that I loved business and technology and that BCS dealt with both of those, so I was bound to learn something. Little did I know that I would learn SO much more.

RickyContreras_Rotaryphoto-sm-1From the very first day, I was put into situations that I had never encountered which were honestly out of my comfort zone, like going to a networking event for Microsoft partners (IAMCP-SoCal). The first question I asked myself as I stood in the middle of the room with 50+ successful business men and women (which I would eventually speak in front of) was, “Why would any of them even talk to me? They are here for business and networking so I have nothing to offer them.” I was right. I did not have anything to offer them, but they had so much to offer to me! Whoever I talked to would give me advice. One member, Dustin Riedel, even bought me a book to help guide me. Others like Eddie Bader left an impact solely with their inspiring words.

This leads me into my next point which has changed my entire perspective on business. Business is meant to be a community full of partners and friends who support each other. The genuine support I got from those business men and women even when I had nothing to offer proves this. The reason why I love Microsoft now is because over 90% of its business is done through partners like BCS. I don’t think I would have seen this type of community and support anywhere else. I learned all of this only in my first day. I hadn’t even been in the office yet.

In the office, I worked with two main departments. I worked with David Gersten in Sales and Sharreace Baldwin in Marketing. Working in different departments taught me how each one works individually and then how it is interwoven with the other departments.

Specifically in Sales, I learned the importance of communication with the Project Management department because if not, things can get ugly. I also learned how important it was to go to networking events like the one mentioned above. I also became quite proficient in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which should be very useful when I start my own business one day. The most important thing I learned though can be summarized in a quote by David, “How can you help them before they can help you.” Everyone I talked to said to me that David was great at networking, but in all honesty, he is just good at genuinely wanting to help. So many times people can be focused on just the end goal: money, but David taught me otherwise.

RC_S_IAMCPmtg-Aug2015When I was in Marketing with Sharreace, I learned how in-depth Marketing really is. Sharreace did everything from social media, our website information, webinars, emails, newsletters, networking events and more. Luckily I was able to help her with all of these things. I wrote many tweets which are actually very difficult to write. I am used to tweeting from the perspective of a 17-year-old boy, so it took me a while to get used to the business image we have to send on social media. I learned to see every moment for social media potential. I learned how to set up webinars, emails, presentations, and emails. Perhaps the most significant thing I learned from my time with Sharreace was simply appreciation. She does the same amount of work that 5 people should do, and the same goes for other people in the company.

I now appreciate everyone, from the President of a company to the guy doing entry-level work because they all help the company thrive and they do that even though they might have difficult situations outside of work like taking care of a child, a sick family member, or experiencing a death. As a future entrepreneur, that is a very important skill I think I should have.

I also learned how important it was for me to write down everything I ever learned in a notebook throughout my internship because I learned so much from everyone in our office and from other companies and it is all in that notebook. Unfortunately, I can’t write all of those things in this blog just because there is so much material.

I want to summarize everything that they have all taught me in one statement: The team at BCS helped me find what I want to do, who I am, and who I want to be. The work I did definitely was a factor in achieving this, but the main reason for gaining so much from this opportunity was every single person I interacted with. I can’t put all their names here, but I am truly grateful for all they taught me and all of the great experiences we had. The only negative experience I really had was seeing how much taxes took from my paycheck.

Although I had a phenomenal time with extraordinary individuals, it is time for me to move on to wherever life takes me next and bring along everything Bond Consulting Services has given me.

Thank you to my BCS Family.

– Ricky Contreras