IT-Related Services Within Dynamics GP by Mike Zapp

Here are a couple features that were added in GP 2013 R2. These are handy IT-related services to ease file maintenance and system updating that may require users to be out of the system during these processes.

WINDOW ACCESS: Tools –> Utilities –> System –> Take Company Offline

GP 2013 R2 Blog Post
The above window allows a company to taken offline so that users will not be able to access the company database during file maintenance or other processes which require users to be out of the company. For clients with multiple companies, this is a handy feature which can allow access to other company databases without having the users completely out of the system.

Simply insert the company to the right side, select the message to be sent to users attempting access, then click “OK”. If a custom message is selected, then you can input a message.

WINDOW ACCESS: Tools –> Utilities –> System –> Send Users Message

GP 2013 R2 Blog Post

The window above allows a message to be sent to users, either logged in or a Reminder for those users not currently logged in. This feature is related to the prior screen to “announce” that you may need to users to logout of a particular company for maintenance or schedule maintenance using a reminder.

Simply select the users that should receive the message/reminder by checking the box, input the message and click “Send”.

Mike Zapp Microsoft Dynamics GP ConsultantMike Zapp is a Microsoft Dynamics® Certified Professional at Bond Consulting Services with 20+ years work experience.