Small Business Owners Learn 10 Steps to Better CRM from Bond Consulting Services in Microsoft Webcast

The Small Business Administration in association with Microsoft Community Connections hosted an educational webinar this week for small business owners throughout the U.S. Nearly 100 people attended “10 Steps to Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” presented by David Gersten of Bond Consulting Services. The exclusive webinar offered a thorough introduction to CRM and how it relates to sales, marketing and customer service. David explored subjects of metrics, tracking sales data, goal-setting and marketing communications with the interactive guests and received positive feedback.

DGersten_01.png“I love having the opportunity to educate businesses on improving processes that can allow them to earn more money. Listening to the feedback, like “7% of the group relied on storing information in their head” always amazes me and helps me think of new ways to help others reduce risk with our solutions.” – David Gersten

The webinar attendees showed great interest in applying what they learned to improve their businesses. We’d like to thank Sherman Crancer of Microsoft for the opportunity to participate in this exclusive presentation.