David Gersten Reflects on WPC in D.C. (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference #WPC14)

pic-1The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2014 has come and gone. Being on the Partner Engagement Board, which is a group of about 40 partners from throughout the world that plans the event, made this year even more special for me. I think of it sort of as planning my wedding or my Bar Mitzvah as a child. You spend a year working really hard planning and then in a flash the event is behind you. WPC 2014, located in Washington DC this year, was an incredible event for Bond Consulting Services.

Some of the reasons this event was so positive was because of the visibility BCS had within the Microsoft community. We had significant meetings with Microsoft Executives which we know over time will benefit our clients and prospects in a positive way. Having better attention from Microsoft gives us access to many benefits we may not have otherwise.

pic-2We also had great meetings with partners from different areas of the United States. As a result we will be able to expand our presence in the Microsoft channel and help other customers with their Dynamics GP/AX and CRM solutions. We will also be able to provide more to our clients by partnering with other partners on solutions we don’t provide.

The messaging that Microsoft presented to the partner community was very straight forward. Mobile-first, Cloud-first. We are very excited about the direction Microsoft is going with their solutions like Office365, Azure, CRM Online and other cloud offerings. We are looking forward to hearing more over the next 6-12 months about the directions of Dynamics GP and AX in regards to cloud positioning too.

pic-3Microsoft’s Satya Nadella spoke to us about Microsoft’s goal “to reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.” We also believe that at Bond Consulting Services, we are able to help our customers do the same with our solutions and services.

pic-4Some lessons I learned at last year’s WPC were to remember items like water, band aids, phone charger and comfortable shoes. This year I will now add Power Bars for mid-day energy lifts, Advil for sore muscles and a lighter bag to carry on the expo floor.

Next year WPC15 is in Orlando, Florida so I may have to add Mickey Mouse ears to the list too.

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