How to Adjust the SmartList Favorites Pane in Dynamics GP 2013

After upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013 SP2, have you been asked how to adjust the size of the Favorites Pane within the SmartList window? If so, here is how it is done:

The SmartList Favorites Pane can be adjusted through the SmartList menu.

  1. With the SmartList window open, navigate to SmartList >> Favorites Pane >> Increase (or Decrease) Width.
  2. Within this menu you can also disable the Auto-hide feature to give you visibility to the SmartLists that you are navigating.

I hope this helps to give you the same look and feel of the SmartList window that you are used to viewing.

George Rios Microsoft Dynamics GP ConsultantGeorge Rios is a Microsoft Dynamics® GP Certified Professional and senior consultant at Bond Consulting Services. He has over 13 years of work experience with accounting and accounting systems.