Overcoming Paper Challenges with Integrated Document Management for Dynamics by Altec

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There are a variety of business challenges that will eventually lead a company to investigating a document management solution. And the specific solution that fits the bill will look differently for each company depending on which challenges they are trying to overcome. For now, let’s take a look at three of the most common challenges and how they can be alleviated.

Challenge #1: “I cannot easily get to documents when I need them.”When documents are stored in paper form, it can be challenging to hunt them down. They get misfiled or left sitting on someone’s desk. Some are stored at a different office location. If a customer or vendor calls with a question, it takes way too long to search for the document to get the information that they need. If documents are in an off-site storage facility, getting them back will result in large fines and big delays.

Solution: An electronic document repository
Storing your documents electronically gives you quick and easy access from your desktop. You can search for documents based on property values like customer name, date, or invoice number for example – assuming you have been given the proper security privileges. The beauty is that employees spread across different offices can all get to their documents and retain visibility throughout the process.

Challenge #2: “We pay high mail and courier fees sending documents out.”
When you take a look at your current document delivery process, it gets pretty expensive. There are the paper and printing costs, envelopes and postage, possibly shipping fees, and the labor costs to manage the whole process.

Solution: Automated document delivery
This piece of a document management solution will automate the process of sending documents and reports either via email, fax, ftp or to a printer – depending on the receiver’s preference. When a batch of documents gets “printed” those being emailed will be attached to a customizable email along with any supporting documents they may need. Those that need to be mailed will print out pre-collated.

Challenge #3: “The document approval process takes too long.”There are many different types of documents that go through an approval process, and the specifics of those processes might sound different depending on who you ask. As soon as the document leaves your hands, you no longer have visibility to it. The papers get buried on an approver’s desk and before you know it they’re past due.

Solution: Workflow Automation

With an electronic workflow, you can structure the process a document will take and add automation to minimize human intervention. Alerts and notifications will keep you up to date on all of the documents currently being processed and send you an email if anything falls outside of its guidelines.

We have the tools and expertise to help you build the solution that meets your immediate needs, and can offer scalability for when those needs evolve. To learn about doc-link, integrated document management for Microsoft Dynamics, register for our upcoming webinar: A Day in the Life of a Paperless Office. CLICK HERE to register.

This guest blog post was contributed by our partner, Altec.