How-To Add a Microsoft Dynamics GP User

Our Technical Project Manager Mike Zapp offers a step-by-step guide to adding a new Dynamics GP User. There are actually three steps involved: 1- Add the user name/password, 2- Give the user access to one or more companies, 3- Set the user’s security role in each company they access.  The creator MUST be logged into Dynamics GP as the ‘sa’ user and the System password will be required to access these windows (assuming a System password is being used).

Technically, there is a method around being ‘sa’, but that’s another topic and an exception to standard protocol which must be reviewed for security compliance.


Window Access- Tools–>Setup–>System–>Users

  1. Enter the User ID, Name and Password.  Try to keep to naming standards such as ‘first initial/last name’.
  2. Enter a User Class if classes are being used.
  3. Assign the user to a Home Page Role based on their expected usage of Dynamics GP.
  4. Select the User Type.
  5. Use Advanced SQL Server options depending on the system schema of the network.

Use the window below to create Class ID’s if needed.

Window Access: Click on drilldown label ‘Class ID’ or use menu Tools–>Setup–>System–>User Classes


Window Access:  Tools–>Setup–>System–>User Access

6. Highlight the User on the left and click the box for each company to give the user login rights for that company.


Window Access:  Tools–>Setup–>System–>User Security

7.  Select the User and Company at the top of the screen

8. Click the box for each security role the user will perform.  For details on the role’s tasks, use the Security Roles window   on the Setup–>System menu to see the tasks for the role.  Use the Security Tasks window to see the specific details a task can perform.

9. Assign the user to an Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports profile.  These profiles determine which modified windows and  reports the user will be able to access.  They must have rights to the original reports before they can be assigned to a modified version.  Reporting access is defined within the security role.

Mike Zapp Microsoft Dynamics GP ConsultantMike Zapp is a Microsoft Dynamics® Certified Professional at Bond Consulting Services with 20+ years work experience.