How our Client SA Recycling Helps Protect our Environment

SARlogo Our client, SA Recycling, makes a living by protecting the Earth. SA Recycling “is a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycler and processor” with goals to maintain our environmental sustainability. Having 50 recycling facilities, SA Recycling is helping “reduce the need to mine, lower production costs for metal manufactures and help deliver quality metal products through the world.”

SA Recycling is going green by becoming a proud new owner of two all-electric yard trucks. Within three years of starting the Clear Truck Program, SA Recycling has efficiently reduced port-related truck pollution by at least 80%. They make steel from recycled metal instead of iron ore which helps reduce greenhouse gases by up to 90%!

Also, SA Recycling and Long Beach’s environmental services bureau help make our community eco-friendly. With the purple recycling carts used to collect reusable items each week, the city of Long Beach has increased its annual recycled materials from 18,000 tons a year to 27, 000 tons. This improvement led Long Beach to have a 74% recycling rate which is inches away from touching the state’s goal of 75%. Learn more about SA Recycling here.