IAMCP A Must-Do at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Next Week

Microsoft Dynamics AX

With the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference just days away, I caught up with a coupleIAMCP members to learn more about the organization’s time in Houston.  David Gersten is a Sales Account Executive at Bond Consulting Services and supports the Southern California Chapter of IAMCP.

Jon Rivers:   What’s the goal of IAMCP by attending WPC 2013?

David Gersten: WPC allows IAMCP an opportunity to recruit more people into the organization and share the overall PACE messaging to the broader MS Community.  Together with the IAMCP booths, golf tournament sponsorship, networking events, etc., IAMCP will be able to reach several 1,000s of partners that we would not be able to reach otherwise.  It is exactly why my organization participates in IAMCP to begin with – to identify and network partners that are experts at what they do so we can share knowledge and help get our unified clients to meet their goals.

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