Configuring Company Charge Cards within Dynamics GP by Mike Zapp

Did you know there are two ways to configure company charge cards within Dynamics GP? They can be configured as a bank card or a charge card. When used as a “charge” card, they are associated back to a vendor account and the individual charges become open vouchers to be paid against the statement. When used as a “bank” card, the card is associated back to a checking account. The transactions become “checks” to be reconciled against the statement.

In either case, handling of miscellaneous transactions, such as motels and restaurants which are not normally tracked by vendor detail, will need to be “allocated” to the various expense accounts when the statement arrives. The remaining transactions should already be in the system as vouchers or checking transactions.

Which method works best for your organization should be based on ease of “reconciling” the transactions to the statement, volume of transactions and how the individual transaction are entered into DynamicsGP. One way becomes as easy as doing a bank reconciliation, the other is marking which vouchers you are applying payment against.

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