Accessing the Batch Edit List in Microsoft Dynamics GP by Adam Middaugh

Batch edit lists will prevent a headache. I have a handful of clients that call when a batch posting goes wrong and they don’t know what to do next. My first question is to ask if they have reviewed the batch edit list. Invariably the answer is no. Often users aren’t aware that such a beast exists.

What is a batch edit list? It looks like a general journal entry report but the value of it is it will note what transactions (if any) have issues that would prevent the batch from posting.

Typical errors noted on the report are missing ledger accounts, closed fiscal periods, and imbalances in debits and credits. The screenshot below highlights one of the examples.

The report can be printed to screen (recommended), sent to a printer, or saved to a file like any GP report.

Where do I access the edit list? The edit list is available in the batch selection window of just about every GP module (Financial, Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory). There may be slight differences in the various reports, but they effectively communicate the same message; you have a problem with a transaction that requires your attention.

BCS team consultant Adam Middaugh